PROMPTed #3 Almost Famous

PROMPTed is a weekly collection of writing prompts to inspire your writing week. The prompts are loosely grouped under a common theme and include a random line prompt, a photograph, a song/music video, a sensory suggestion and a famous quote. This week’s prompts are programmed by Deputy Editor, Jodi Cleghorn. (See below for more information on how to be a guest programmer of PROMPTed) Random Line... read more

The 1400 Block of Patterson Street

Let’s take a leisurely stroll on the 1400 block of Patterson Street.  This is a key setting within my current work in progress, a story I’m shaping into a fictional novel of the literary or inspirational fiction genres. I know what you’re thinking—what gives?  The west side of the street is vanishing into a dense white fog.  And everything to the east is void of all texture and warmth, not... read more

Form and Genre Challenge #3

The OULIPO Challenge For submission the week ending Sunday, 26th February. Challenge: To write an OULIPO styled poem. (Please note somewhere in your post the equation you used). Genre: Open Word Count: Open Submission Guidelines Submission are open for a 24 hours period every Sunday starting GMT(UCT) 00:01. Submissions are via the Mr Linky widget in a dedicated blog post on the Write Anything site every... read more

FGC2012 #2 Submission

The Contemporary Romance Challenge Challenge: To write contemporary romance. Form: Open Word Count: 2500 words Judges: Emma Venables & Jodi Cleghorn Congratulations to our F&GC#2 winners… Laura Meyer – winner of the Judges’ Choice Award for Sink or Swim Jodi Cleghorn – winner of the Readers’ Choice Award (with 50% of the vote) for Thirty-Eight Degree South Honourable mentions... read more

The Journal – Software Review

Last month I wrote a brief piece about my journaling habit. This provoked some feedback so this month I’d loke to present a tool I use very often both for journaling and for other things. I’m talking about DavidRM Software’s The Journal. Now I don’t want to enter a debate here about journaling by hand or journaling on the computer. Personally, I do both. My personal journal is by... read more

Voices From The Past

By Laura Donaldson Humorist A. Whitney Brown once observed: “The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.” Unfortunately, this is true. We are totally reliant on those who came before us to put it in writing (and, hopefully, accurately and honestly). The only way we can really know our ancestors is to study what they left us. The better the record then, the superior... read more

The Time Capsule (Now with Multiple Redundancy)

Deep in the darkest, dustiest, most spidery recesses of the basement in my house lies a flimsy, water-damaged cardboard box.  In it are yellowing pages filled with faded pencil marks or slightly-smudged text from an old, manual typewriter and a handful of low and high density 5.25 inch floppy disks.  This box, coupled with a folder and its subfolders on the laptop I’m currently using to write this... read more

My Name Is Paul…

Hello my name is Paul and I want to write a novel. There I’ve said it. My project for 2012, succinctly and precisely in only 12 words. 12 easy words at that. Yet, they were so difficult to write. Let me explain why. The idea for this novel has been going around in my head for some five or six years. Ever since I took part in a writing workshop and had to write about a humorous experience. The next... read more
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