13 Ways to Exorcise Wordiness

Twitter may be extreme–140 characters to communicate an entire thought–but the intent is right: Make your writing pithy. Fill each sentence with context. Make every word count. Fluff is boring. It slows the pace of the story, story’s pace, puts your reader to sleep, and is a fundamental reason why people stop reading your book. Forever. Instead of inspiring them to lose themselves in your... read more

To The New

What I love about Write Anything is the variety of opinions and experiences regarding writing. There are people here writing science fiction, romance, poetry, non-fiction… There are people who think NaNoWriMo is great, and those who hate it. I’m never bored by what my fellow writers have to say about any given subject. In a world (wide web) of useless advice columns and How-To lists, this is... read more

A Very Merry Christmas

To all our readers, wherever in the world you are, from all the writers at Write Anything, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. read more

Stay In Touch!

Don’t leave! The Write Anything blog may be closing down—but there’s a way for us to stay in touch! Did you know that I have my own blog? See if you can guess its name… (a) (b) (c) If you’re a clever cookie (and I think you are), you’ll know where this Christmas Eve post is... read more

Saying Goodbye with Anti-Resolutions

I’ve only been with Write Anything since August. That’s just five months of bi-monthly postings. When I joined, I imaged contributing for much longer, and it’s definitely bittersweet to see this community come to an end. Bu it’s been entirely worth it! Rather than wax nostalgic any longer, or write more reflections on my reflections on writing, I’m going to take my inspiration from some seasoned... read more

Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping presents is my least favorite part of the holiday winter season. But it has always struck me as a great metaphor for this time of year. As the end of the year approaches it’s natural to take stick of what’s happened and count what we’ve accomplished in the last year. And when we don’t like what we see, we try to wrap it up in pretty explanations so it looks nicer—and... read more

It’s Okay, or The Continuing Education of a Writer

2012 has been a hard year for me and for so many people I know and love.  Friends and family members have died or fallen ill.  Work has proven to be frustrating at best and soul-sucking at worst. Devastating hurricanes, minor earthquakes and freak snowstorms have come and while mostly proving to be a nuisance for me they’ve done some serious damage to the homes and lives of people I know. On the... read more

2012 – The Year That Was…

At the beginning of the year we were asked to come up with a writing project for 2012. As some of you will be aware, my writing project kept changing as some major life changes occurred. My main project for the year was applying and getting a place in which to study for my much-coveted PhD . I am proud to say that this aspect of my project was achieved. After many knockbacks and scathing responses to my... read more
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