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The reason for Write Anything’s success over the past several years is our writers. It’s their passion and creativity that keep this site relevant. We’ve grown from five writers to more than twenty.

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Paul Anderson

Editor in Chief, Contributor

Paul AndersonPaul writes down the strange thoughts that populate his mind. Which means a lot of what he writes is strange, disturbing, violent, or all three at once. He considers a story a success if it scares both his wife and his mum.

Paul lives in west London with his wife, his dodgy typewriter, and a chubby little leopard gecko called Jabba. His online home is Once Upon a Time in the West of London, or for something a little more frequently updated find him on Twitter @panderson1979.

Jodi Cleghorn

Editor, Contributor

Jodi is an editor, publisher and long suffering mystress to the voices in her head, with stories tethered under the umbrella of ‘dark weird shit’ and published in anthologies in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and Denmark.  Founding partner of eMergent Publishing, Jodi is the creative spark behind the conceptual short story anthologies Chinese Whisperings and Literary Mix Tapes, and the publishing muscle behind 100 Stories for Queensland. In May 2011 she was awarded the Kris Hembury Encouragement Award in recognition of her contribution to the community and status as an emerging artist. She blogs at Writing in Black and White and tweets (unoriginally) as @jodicleghorn.

Annie Evett

Editor, Contributor

Annie EvettAnnie is a prolific scribbler of characters and weaver of story lines. She infuses her eclectic writing with life experience drawn on years teaching, traversing the corporate landscape and motherhood. Annie is the creative energy behind the cutting-edge collaborative writing project CYOA.

Start your escapade into her worlds at

Dale Challener Roe

Editor, Contributor, IT

Dale Challener RoeDale is a multiple Nobel Prize laureate who shot to fame after inspiration for his Grand Unified Theory of Everything came to him one evening over a bowl of Ramen. His groundbreaking series of exposes on black market punctuation have been largely credited by world leaders as the catalyst for the current unprecedented era of peace. And he became the darling of the geek world when, upon his first visit to the Arecibo radio telescope, he was able to decipher the first message from an alien world (“Sorry to hear about Douglas Adams”).

He also dabbles in fiction.

He lives in North Carolina with his mischievous collection of four-legged friends and can occasionally be found online at and

Tiel Aisha Ansari


Tiel Aisha AnsariTiel Aisha Ansari is a Sufi and martial artist in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared in print and online, has been featured on KBOO, Prairie Home Companion and MiPoRadio and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Knocking from Inside is available from Ecstatic Exchange and at

Jessica Bockman


Jessica BockmanClear to everyone except herself, Jessica was destined to be a writer and a teacher. Her career path looks evasive: party planner for a small rental company, public relations “gofer” for a national spa, copywriter and editor for fashion catalogs. However when she finally relented and admitted her first true vocation, writing, life become more focused. Until she relented and admitted her second vocation.

Jessica teaches reading part-time at her local community college. When she isn’t teaching or chasing her child round-and-round the park, she’s writing–even if she just looks like she’s staring out the window.

Jen Brubacher

Deputy Editor, Contributor

Jen BrubacherJen is a librarian who believes there aren’t yet enough books in the world. She writes mostly mystery and suspense, but occasionally wanders into science fiction and horror. Her short fiction has been published in several magazines and anthologies including Northword and Nothing But Flowers. A Canadian living in London, England, she describes the writing life from a library perspective at Scribo Ergo Sum and at a finer scale @jen_b.

Adam Byatt


Adam ByattAdam sifts through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life and catalogues them as potential story ideas. They are pretty much a pad of sticky notes on the fridge door. Occasionally he finds loose change. He is an English teacher and occasional drummer with an interest in literary pursuits, rhythmic permutations, theological amplifications and comedic outbursts. He exists on twitter as @revhappiness and writes flash fiction and blogs at A Fullness in Brevity.

Christopher Chartrand

Deputy Editor, Contributor

Christopher ChartrandChristopher is drawn to the western genre but has been known to throw his cowboys into fights with robots, vampires, and the ambiguities of purgatory. He’s even kicked one or two out an airlock. Chris lives in Addison Maine with his high school sweetheart, three daughters, four horses, two goats, one lazy dog and sometimes a cat. You can read some of his fiction by visiting

Rob Diaz II

Deputy Editor, Contributor, IT

Rob DiazRob Diaz spends his days writing computer software and his nights chauffeuring his children around his hometown of Hamilton, New Jersey. An avid organic gardener, trumpet player and coffee drinker, Rob writes fiction in which coffee, the number thirteen and the natural environment play pivotal roles. You can find more from Rob at Thirteenth Dimension.

Laura Meyer


Laura MeyerLaura Meyer lives in Victoria, Australia, with her partner, their three children and assorted pets. While new to the published world, she has a small mish-mash of works-in-progress, hidden away in dark secret places. Laura loves photography and reads voraciously, often to the detriment of family and home. When she’s not on the nine-to-five, she loves writing short fiction while holding aspirations to one day pen a novel.

Jacqui Murray


Jacqui MurrayIf you’re looking for Jacqui, check Ask a Tech Teacher where she answers geeky questions for anyone who wanders through or try WordDreams, incubator for her next great thriller where men have firm manly handshakes, women are heroes, and the plot blazes like a forest fire on steroids. Not there? Try Write Anything with her newest friends. Pop in. Ask questions. Chat or lurk. Just close the door when you leave.

Tony Noland


Tony NolandTony Noland is a writer, blogger and poet in Philadelphia, on the East Coast of the United States. He takes his writing seriously, but has somehow gotten a reputation as a funny guy. Most of his work is science fiction, literary fiction and magical realism. Tony is active on Twitter as @TonyNoland, and you can find his fiction at his writing blog Landless.

Matt Robb


Matt RobbMatt is a fiction writing enthusiast living in New Jersey, USA. He explores the art of writing novels, novellas and plays within the popular genres of action-adventure, detective, inspirational, and mystery. Snippets of his work and humor can be found on his blog, The Writings of Matt Robb.

Icy Sedgwick


Icy SedgwickBlown far from her Northern homeland, Icy now lives and works in old London town. She’s only 27 but she remembers the days when she wrote stories in crayon. She likes writing about everything from steampunk automatons to telepathic parrots, though her pet project is a supernatural YA novel.

Paul Servini

Deputy Editor, Contributor

Paul ServiniAn English teacher currently living with his family in France, language has always been a major preoccupation for Paul. Writing is just an extension of this. He never ceases to be amazed at the way his characters take on life as the words fall into place.

Zena Shapter


Zena ShapterZena Shapter is an emerging fiction writer and published author. She runs a writers’ group, blogs, tweets, and is currently editing her debut novel. An adventurer at heart, Zena enjoys travelling in search of unusual stories and uncommon sights, and relaxing on the beach with a good book, a glass of champagne and a bar of chocolate. Read more about Zena and her writing on her website at

Emma Venables


Emma VenablesEmma Venables has recently finished an MA in Creative Writing and is now on a PHD/ dream job hunt. She’s happiest when she’s stringing words together into people and places and problems. She mostly writes short fiction and likes the fact that she can give women condemned to the dregs of history a voice through her writing.

Janelle Ward


Janelle WardJanelle Ward is a Minnesota native and has spent the last 11 years in the Netherlands. She lectures part time in media and communication and recently abandoned an academic career for the unknown. She’s currently pursuing her passion for fiction writing and is exploring the world of publishing, literary journals and writer’s angst. She blogs at BlondebutBright and can be found on Twitter @janelle_ward.

Devin Watson


Devin WatsonDevin Watson was born in Brunswick, Georgia, in 1978. Growing up watching countless horror films due to many childhood maladies, he harbored a love of writing with an active imagination. Even through high school and college, graduating with a degree in Computer Science, he pursued his study of screenwriting, culminating in the production of The Cursed in 2007. He is also the author of Horror Screenwriting: The Nature of Fear.