It’s Okay, or The Continuing Education of a Writer

2012 has been a hard year for me and for so many people I know and love.  Friends and family members have died or fallen ill.  Work has proven to be frustrating at best and soul-sucking at worst. Devastating hurricanes, minor earthquakes and freak snowstorms have come and while mostly proving to be a nuisance for me they’ve done some serious damage to the homes and lives of people I know. On the... read more

On Endings and Beginnings

I stood outside this morning while I was taking the dog out to chase birds and squirrels and to do whatever else he needs to do outside. It was early, around 6:13 am.  This time of year, it’s still mostly dark at that time of the morning – the sun’s light just barely breaking through to brighten the sky. Some of my favorite things about my yard are the sounds I hear when I am out there: the... read more

The Advice of the Old

I feel old tonight. Frankly, I’ve been feeling old for a while.  I don’t know why, I just do.  The joints aren’t cracking any louder or more frequently than normal, the muscles don’t ache in bizarre ways any more than normal… I just feel… old. It may be partly due to my work with the kids on the Young Writer’s Program of NaNoWriMo this month.  Their enthusiasm, honesty and hopefulness has,... read more

I Worry… Because I Care

What do you do when you publish your work?  Do you crack open your favorite bottle of root beer or pour a nice, fresh cup of coffee and celebrate a job well done?  Do you climb up on the roof and shout at the top of your lungs to proclaim your total domination of the written word for all the world to hear?  Do you put a tiny hat on your cat and sit on the floor next to the food dish to have a little... read more


I’m pretty sure everyone who has participated in NaNoWriMo has experienced that moment – the moment in mid-October where you suddenly realize that the idea you’ve been saving for November is terrible.  Not just terrible… really, really terrible. So terrible, in fact, that clearly your entire year has been wasted in assuming that this was The Idea. This just happened for me a day or two... read more

It’s All in the Presentation

When I started writing, way back in the stone tablet days, I never consciously thought about getting published. I wrote because I had to write and wanted to write and needed to write. Sometimes I wrote as a means of interacting with my friends and other creative individuals.  But I never really thought about “publishing” from the standpoint of sending my masterpieces to a big publisher,... read more

The Story I Don’t Want to Write

Sometimes as I sit to write these posts each month, I wonder if I am the only person to struggle with certain aspects of writing.  This doesn’t come from me thinking I’m particularly special and, therefore, likely to be treading new, uncharted waters with my efforts as a writer. No, these are just the questions that wander through my mind as I sit staring at the blank page which mirrors my... read more

Done and Done-er

“Completed.” “Finished.” “Through.”  According to, the use of the word “done” to convey these ideas dates back to the 14th century and is “completely standard”. So if it is so “standard”, why is it so hard to define what “done” really means?  I suppose there are different shades of done:  done enough, done... read more
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