Online Post Mortem Plans

As socially uncomfortable or macabre as it may seem, if you are reading this, then you ought to plan what will happen to the online ‘you’ in the event of your death. The average internet user has half-a-dozen types of accounts, including email, social networking, shopping and entertainment identities. I think in reality, most of us have dozens; it’s a bit scary to realise how much of our... read more

Alpha Ladder your way out of writers block

Writer’s block can cripple a scene, suck your creativity dry and leave you disillusioned and dispirited. When other techniques fail, try shaking the creativity box up with a simple tool called the Alpha Ladder. It will bring clarity to your scene or character, while gifting you with insights which you may have otherwise over looked. An Alpha Ladder is a structured brainstorm which can be completed... read more

The Long Road

Earlier this year along with fellow writers for the site, I made the grandiose announcement that I would (finally) self publish an anthology of short stories. So far, I have plunged myself into a new writing project, taking practically every spare moment I have. Within my workplace, I have volunteered my (disappearing) time into projects there and at home, I have taken an abnormal interest in the... read more

Basic Plot Brainstorming

Writers are inundated with tools, programs and ideas on how to brainstorm the next story or scene. Many of these are over complicated or take such a long time to learn to use or decipher that all creative juices which may have flowed at the start, have shrivelled up in a drought of despair. Sometimes the most insightful stories are birthed from simplicity. I’d like to share a basic plot brainstorming... read more

My Writing Habits – The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

We’ve all heard the old chestnut “Fake it till you Make it.” It’s been my mantra through the good, bad and downright ugly times of my life. A shy 17-year-old me, attempting to make her way in the acting world, was poked between the shoulder blades by an ageing queen and told to thrust all my gifts out, plaster a smile to mask the pain and get on with it. Though its execution has... read more

Sartre Burns Into My Heart

I am surrounded by unfinished writing projects; which I have realised has caused me no end of stress as I am the personality type who is a “finisher.” It’s with a great deal of gratitude to Paul for setting the Write Anything Project Challenge that I can commit to finishing at least one of these things. The History Early December last year, I committed to myself that 2012 would be my year;... read more

Trust Thy Editor

There is no doubt that editing can be an extremely difficult and thankless role. Apart from ensuring the semantics and syntax are bright and shiny, editors teeter on that unsteady bridge of feedback and critique and that of their perception and experience on what the publishers will and won’t accept; trying desperately to balance all of this in a way the writer may best digest it. Finding an editor... read more

Spoken Sunday #52

Spoken Sunday Submission #52 for 29th January, 2012 For full details check the page. How To Play: 1. After you have submitted to [Fiction] Friday – or written a passage of around 600 words, record it. 2. On your blog, or audioboo site, post an explanation of your piece (if its a passage from a larger work) or ask readers for specific feedback about it – as well as a link to your recording. 3.... read more
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