Fake Or Not? Submitting your Work

Submitting your work to online markets can be a lucrative avenue for emerging writers. Not only can it expose you to a wider audience and demographic, be a huge boost for the ego, and kick-start a career, but it can also introduce you to a supportive writers’ network. Finding these markets is as simple as searching on Google, but with the enormous amount of opportunities presented, this can be... read more

Behind every Great Novelist

One of the axioms of writing advice is “write what you know”. Lesser known is that behind every great piece of fiction is naked truth. There are many writers who weave thinly disguised autobiographies into their novels. Other writers say that they reveal nothing about their lives or beliefs within their stories, suggesting it would be a breach of their family’s privacy to do so. So which... read more

Deviations and Redirections

In February I outlined my plans for making one of my writing goals for 2012 a reality. In a flurry of organisation, I devised a schedule for each step. By April, it completely fell in a heap. My focus was redirected, my goals deviated by the ‘flow.’  I’m not too distressed about it; though it highlights my weakness to help others, rather than to do things for myself. The universe is pretty specific... read more

Little Steps

This months theme asks writers to reflect on what they believe is their greatest triumph in their craft. As someone who stumbled into madness of words, sucked in the world of writing, without ever planning or meaning to, I take every achievement I reach as a triumph. I began to write as an extension of self expression and fearfully branched out into non fiction to share my expertise and experience on a few... read more

Writers’ Tools at your Finger Tips

Ink stained fingers were the badge of honour for a writer. Until recently, the tools of the trade involved stuffed notebooks and a variety of pens or pencils. Unfortunately, great ideas, character profiles and scenes could be easily mislaid or lost amongst piles of notebooks or files. Although writing does not need to be any more complicated with the introduction of technology, with tools and applications... read more

Scamper to improve your writing

Thinking out of the box is sometimes difficult when you have screeched to a halt and are bogged down to the point of paralysis with your words. Try this quick, alternate activity to kick-start your writing and escape the blockades your mind has set up to whatever challenge your characters may be experiencing. It can also be used as a self editing tool for your first draft. SCAMPER is an acronym for a... read more

Difficulties… Challenges… aren’t they the same thing?

My ‘Pollyanna’ attitude has the tendency to disturb those who choose to dwell amongst the bleak outlook which has infested many parts of society. Early on in my life, I learned that it’s very easy to be cynical and negative. It’s far more difficult and personally challenging to find the gold amongst the trash. While I can’t claim to have had a rough or disadvantaged... read more

Fears and Tears

Fear is an emotion which washes through your body as quickly as a bushfire rips through a dry gully. It can consume a rational being and leave deep scars which heal slowly. Fear is an emotion many actively try to avoid as it draws from deep emotions based in helplessness and hopelessness. Triggered by a word, a smell or memory; fear, as an enemy, has an arsenal larger than the US military. Fear travels in... read more
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