I am writing this article as the new era of the world is dawning; that is to say post-Mayan Apocalyptic date. Admit it, deep down, somewhere there was a thought; even for a second, which sparked the question—”What if it IS the end of the world?” It’s that finality which stops us in our tracks and forces us to review where we have been. Did all your unfinished projects, business and... read more

Just Start

It seems ridiculous, but one of the biggest challenges writers are confronted with is to ‘just start’ writing. With a blank screen, that little black dash flashing obscenely the whole time, the experience of committing a word can be both daunting and frustrating. Most writers seek the perfect word, or string of words to begin, and if this doesn’t immediately flow, will be paralysed,... read more

Keep Submitting

It’s one thing to write something and quite another to have it polished enough to submit to a competition or to a publisher for review.   Even if your goal isn’t to be published, it’s a good practice to explore as an educational pursuit. Submitting your work forces you to think and view it in a different way.  It’s no longer a piece of text lurking in a notebook or squirreled... read more

RealBooks V eReaders – The battle continues

“RealBooks” or eBooks—have your chosen a side yet? The discussion surrounding which format is the ‘best’ still rages on the social media, at writers festivals and on the blogosphere. Champions for both sides have strong arguments, leaving little room for the public to sit on the fence. One of the strongest argument focuses on the validity of ebooks and eReaders, in so much... read more

Are you serious about writing?

Was one of your goals this year to get published, or to gain recognition in your genre in a competition or writers group? Although it’s agreed that we write for a myriad of reasons and that being published doesn’t necessarily pertain to ultimate success, if you are investing the time to pursue writing, it only makes sense to work out what you want in return for that time and effort. How serious... read more

Stuck for a Word?

When you are in the flow of writing, there is nothing worse than getting stuck for a word. We have all been there; grasping helplessly for exactly the right phrasing, the correct terminology, the perfect prose. Rather than flounder and continue the path of helplessness—which for most of us ends up in front of a block of chocolate—try some of these techniques or hints to ease your search. Skip... read more

Death and Endings

Most tarot decks contain a card associated with death. When this is drawn, the majority of people suck in their breath, hearts hammering and begin to wonder when this event will strike their lives. Despite the readers assurances, most believe that this card foretells a physical death. Although death represents the end of something, it also promises the beginning or birth of something new. It is with this... read more

Ambiguity and the Comma

I spend most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out—Oscar Wilde. Commas are one of those grammatical tools which appear to be simple to use, but the more one delves into their precise application, the greyer the definitions tend to be. When asked about the rules and usage of a comma, most people will identify the rule they learnt at school “If you need to take a... read more
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