Form and Genre Challenge #4 Submission

“The Action-Adventure Challenge”

Challenge: To write a story in the action-adventure genre.
Form: Open
Word Count: 3000 words

Judges: Paul Anderson & Jodi Cleghorn

Congratulations to our Action-Adventure winners…

  • Douglas Riggs – winner of the Judges’ Choice Award for The Suburbs Are Not Enough.
  • Jodi Cleghorn – winner of the Readers’ Choice Award (with 44% of the vote) for Birthed.

Honourable mentions to:


Participating Authors for the “Action-Adventure Challenge”

 Storm Dweller
Laura Meyer
Jodi Cleghorn (@jodicleghorn)
Carolyn Wagner
Barbara Gildea @ de rebus
Kate Sherrod
Douglas Riggs


20 Responses to “Form and Genre Challenge #4 Submission”

  1. Just wondering with the word count. How close to it does the story need to be? I went a bit over but can’t find anything I want to take out :(

  2. I had a lot of fun with this one!

  3. Laura Meyer says:

    Me too, Storm! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this week :)

  4. Totally agree this was awesome, though it took a bit to nail just what I was going to write – too fixated on trying to create an action-adventure story set at an Elvis Impersonator Festival.

    In the end, after several days running a fever – we got birthpunk instead.

    Story in 24 hours is always a good testament to how good the process is and how fab it is to have beta readers in different time zones.

    Not the last one in this week… phew!

  5. I enjoyed this challenge very much. Very happy with how my work turned out this time :) can’t wait to read what everyone else came up with :)

  6. Kate Sherrod says:

    Ack! I swear the PDF calendar said this challenge was 3500 words and not 3000. Paring away..

  7. This is my first time submitting! I am very excited and looking forward to reading the other submissions!


  8. Dalena says:

    Struggled to make my submission for the week! I didn’t have a lot of time this week, so here’s my quick day-of one-shot entry, “Honey the Ghost Puncher.” Set in India, in a Catholic boarding school.

    • Dalena Frost says:

      Oh no, did I miss the cutoff? It was still Sunday EST, around 8 pm…

      • Hi Dalena,
        Write Anything is based in London and runs on Greenwich Mean Time. Submissions close at 00:01GMT. I’m not sure what time that is EST. It’s 10am for me in Australia.

        Sorry you missed the cut off, especially when you had such a hectic week and managed to get something written.

        • GMT is five hours ahead of EST, so 00:01 GMT on a Monday would be 19:01 EST on a Sunday.

          Local time zone variations and Daylight Savings Time will upset some rules of thumb. For instance, the US moves to Daylight Savings Time a little ahead of the UK, so the time difference is 4 hours for a few weeks, then goes back to 5.

          Queensland is 10 hours ahead of GMT, but the rest of the east coast of Australia is 11 hours because Queensland doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time. When the UK switches to Daylight Savings, Queensland becomes 9 hours ahead and the rest of Australia 10 hours, until they stop using Daylight Savings and become 9 hours ahead too.

          For the avoidance of doubt, the times used by the site are always the UK local time, since the Managing Editor (me!) lives there. The UK is in the GMT time zone, but from March 25th we will begin observing Daylight Savings.

  9. Annie says:

    I’m looking forward to reading these adventures tonight!

  10. Annie says:

    Argghhhh!! My story didn’t link! Bogus. I just came on to start to read and see mine not here.. big sad face…

    • What time did you link your story Annie?

      • Annie says:

        It was round 1 am this morning. I really thought I had pressed the submit button, my computer did its little wheel whirring thing and I am *sure* I saw it on the list. I WAS tired and it may have been that I just didn’t wait till the page refreshed – or whatever – I don’t know.. ? its just that I was just so surprised this morning when I opened it up to see my name not there!

        I am totally fine about not having my story in the official challenge line up. After all – for me at least, its about the motivation to write different genres and be timely with the drafts – not if I am entered for a competition or not.

        I only mention it here as I hope that its “operator’ fault and not some gremlin wrecking havoc.

  11. Annie says:

    I’ll come and visit others pages even though my submission went into the ether and isn’t listed.

  12. Laura Meyer says:

    Ack and grrrz – I’m still having issues commenting on Blogger hosted stories so apologies to all those writers. I’m loving this weeks stories!

  13. I was too, Laura Meyer!

    I used my twitter account to log in and that worked, finally. Three days later.