Form & Genre Challenge 2012 #2

“The Contemporary Romance” Challenge

For submission the week ending Sunday, 19th February.

Challenge: To write contemporary romance.
Form: Open
Word Count: 2500 words

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission are open for a 24 hours period every Sunday starting GMT(UCT) 00:01.
  2. Submissions are via the Mr Linky widget in a dedicated blog post on the Write Anything site every Sunday. Any stories linked via the comments section will be considered ineligible.
  3. All stories must be freely available on a blog or website for reading and commenting. For longer pieces writers may consider in addition to publishing the story in a blog post, to also link to a downloadable PDF version of the story (this is not compulsory though).
  4. Stories must be clearly labelled ‘FGC’ and the challenge number cited in the title of your blog post, along with the story name: ie. [FGC #1] The Greatest Story on Earth
  5. Stories must adhere to the challenge guidelines for the week (form, genre & word count). Any stories not adhering to the challenge guidelines (especially word count) will be ineligible for judging. Any stories submitted using challenge guidelines from previous weeks will also be ineligible.
  6. Write Anything staff are eligible to submit, but will be considered ineligible from the judge’s award on any week where they sit as part of the judging panel.
  7. By submitting a story participants are also committing to read a minimum of three other stories.

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